Rochester MN Dentist Quizzes You on Teeth Whitening

great smile rochesterAre you becoming fed up with having to hide your stained teeth behind your hand every time you smile? Do you want to regain your confidence and your self-esteem? If so, teeth whitening treatment could be just the solution you need? To learn more about teeth whitening, try your hand at the following quiz from your Rochester MN dentist, Dr. Calcagno, and check your answers below.

The Quiz

  1. True or False: All professional whitening treatments are performed in the dental office.
  2. True or False: All teeth whitening systems are the same.
  3. True or False: The color of teeth can drastically affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

The Answer Key

  1. False. Your Rochester MN cosmetic dentist, Dr. Calcagno, offers two different types of teeth whitening treatment. One system, called Zoom! Whitening, is performed exclusively in the dental office. It takes about one hour and features a whitening solution that is applied to teeth and then activated with a specially designed light. The other system called Kor Whitening is an at-home whitening treatment. Patients opting for this system will wear custom trays filled with a whitening solution and follow a specified treatment plan.
  2. False. Teeth whitening systems can vary greatly. Most store-bought systems don’t pack the same punch as professional systems, and even among professional whiteners there are distinct differences. The Kor and Zoom! systems differ in their approach and their results, with the Kor system focused on eliminating sensitivity from teeth whitening treatment.
  3. True. People with stained teeth resort to all kinds of measures to hide their smiles. They may cover their mouths with their hands or simply stop smiling altogether. Whatever they do, their feelings about their teeth can begin to affect their confidence and self-esteem, making teeth whitening treatment a very useful and important procedure.

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