Rochester MN Children’s Dentist Explains the Importance of Fillings

child playing 1Have you ever wondered whether baby teeth would need dental fillings if they were to develop cavities? It might seem as though a dental filling would be wasted on a tooth that is destined to fall out anyway. However, dental fillings are very important even in teeth with a limited lifespan. To find out why, read below as your Rochester MN dentist, Dr. Calcagno, discusses the consequences of untreated cavities in children.

Baby Teeth and Cavities

Bacteria are ultimately responsible for cavities. They attack teeth by forming plaque and tartar, allowing them to attach to teeth. Once attached, they can consume lingering sugar in the mouth and give off an acid byproduct capable of destroying tooth enamel. As the damage grows, bacteria will begin to delve inside of teeth creating a cavity. Once a cavity is discovered it is very important that a dental filling is placed. If the filling is neglected, the bacteria can do more damage, moving deeper inside of the tooth. If bacteria succeed in reaching the tooth’s pulp, they can infect it, putting the life of the tooth at risk.

However, a dying tooth is not the only risk of an infected pulp. The infection in the pulp is capable of spreading into the jaw, the mouth, and even into the rest of the body. In a few cases, infections have spread to the brain causing fatalities, although those instances are rare.

Beyond the scope of infection, a baby tooth that is lost prematurely can cause other problems. Primary teeth work to preserve space for the adult teeth that grown in behind them. If a primary tooth is lost early, this space will be empty, allowing nearby teeth to grow into the area and causing crowding and misalignment.

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