Rochester MN Dentist Explains the Causes and Solutions to Yellow Teeth

white smileImagine a beautiful smile. What color was the smile you imagined? Chances are that is was white, so if you have yellow teeth, you are probably none too fond of your smile. Unfortunately, your feelings about your smile can have a profound impact upon your day-to-day outlook, causing you to feel unhappy and self-conscious. But what causes yellow teeth? And how can you turn them white once again. To find out, read the following information from your Rochester MN dentist, Dr. Calcagno.

Causes Behind Yellowing

Do you drink coffee, soda, or tea? If you do, prolonged consumption of these beverages can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. The trouble is that they contain very dark pigments that can eventually cause staining. Coffee and soda also provide an extra threat. These beverages contain high levels of acid. When it comes to teeth, acid can be very harmful because it can soften and even remove enamel. Over time, enamel loss can contribute to yellowing because enamel covers a layer of the tooth called dentin that has a yellowish hue. As enamel thins, dentin becomes more and more visible, leaving teeth a yellower color. In addition to acids, time also causes enamel to thin, meaning that it is perfectly natural for our teeth to yellow as we age.

Combating Yellow Teeth

Several procedures can come to your aid in the fight against yellow teeth. The first and best-known procedure is teeth whitening. There are numerous products on store shelves dedicated to whitening teeth. However, most of these products produce negligible results when compared to professional teeth whitening. They simply do not pack the same punch as professional products and thus produce results that are much less dramatic.

A second procedure that can combat yellow teeth is dental bonding. This procedure uses a composite resin to create a new and stain-free surface on teeth. The idea is the same as the application of porcelain veneers, which is the third procedure that can improve teeth stains. With veneers, the tooth-colored porcelain shells are attached to the surfaces of teeth, covering the stains and creating a beautiful, white smile.

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