Rochester Dentist: FAQs About the Link Between Headaches and TMD


TMJ disorder, or TMD, is a serious medical issue that affects over ten million people in the United States. Often, as a result of this problem people report chronic headaches. Thankfully, your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, offers comfortable and minimally invasive treatment for sufferers of TMJ disorder. In today’s blog, Dr. Calcagno answers frequently asked questions about the causes of TMD and recommends treatment.

TMJ Disorder Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is TMD?

Answer: TMD affects the temporomandibular joints. These jaw joints connect the jaw to the skull and control all jaw movement, including the actions necessary to eat or speak. TMJ disorder develops after excessive strain has been placed on the jaw joints. Two major causes of TMD are bruxism, or teeth grinding, and bite misalignment.

Question: Are headaches a common symptom of TMJ disorder?

Answer: People suffering from TMD often report headaches and migraines. Other common symptoms of TMJ include: Toothaches, tooth sensitivity, jaw and face pain, neck and shoulder pain, and a popping or cracking sensation in the jaw.

Question: Does Dr. Calcagno offer treatment for TMD?

Answer: Yes. In order to end TMD-related pain, your Rochester MN general dentist offers an intraoral appliance. Similar to a night guard, this dental device addresses both bruxism and misalignment. The appliance repositions the jaw to ease misalignment. The intraoral device also prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching, eliminating bruxism. With this simple treatment the stress on your jaw joints will be relieved and your painful symptoms can subside.

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