Rochester Dentist: What Do You Know About CEREC One Visit Crowns?


How much spare time do you have during the week? Often, people find taking just a moment to catch their breath nearly impossible. So, who has time for a dentist visit? Unfortunately, many people who need dental care simply refuse to go because of time constraints. Luckily, a dental procedure exists that allows you to receive the dental repair you need without any major hassles. In today’s blog, your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, uses a fun and informative quiz to educate patients on the benefits of CEREC one-visit crowns.

Try Our CEREC Quiz!

1. True or False: You can receive a brand new crown in one visit.

2. True or False: CEREC crowns look natural.

3. True or False: CEREC crowns provide decades of smile restoration.

CEREC Quiz Answer Key

1. True! Dr. Calcagno will prepare your tooth and take photographs and x-rays. Using these materials, a 3D model of your tooth is created. The model will be uploaded into a special CEREC machine, which will create your custom crown. Dr. Calcagno will then check the fit and place your crown in a single visit.

2. True! CEREC crowns are crafted from a block of special dental ceramic. This material mimics the translucency of tooth enamel and can even be shaded to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. CEREC crowns provide durable and esthetically pleasing restorations.

3. True! Simply care for your new crown the way you would your normal teeth. With proper maintenance, your CEREC crown can last for years. Always brush twice a day and floss once. Don’t forget to also rinse with antibacterial mouthwash. These simple steps help cleanse your mouth of bacteria and food particles, protecting both your natural teeth and your new crown.

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