Rochester Dentist Explains the Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth


Does your smile contain one or more missing teeth? People with missing teeth often feel embarrassed and self-conscious, but avoid the necessary procedures needed to replace them because they fear dentures. Patients with traditional dentures often endure messy adhesives and frequent slippage while eating or talking. But replacing missing teeth is essential for protecting your oral health. In today’s blog, your Rochester family dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, explains how dental implants provide secure tooth replacement and aid in the prevention of bone loss.

Protect Your Smile

When a tooth is removed, the body stops sending vital doses of calcium and phosphorus to that area of the jaw. Over time, the jawbone begins to lose density, threatening the stability of surrounding teeth. In addition, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth can begin to shift. Replacing a missing tooth as quickly as possible helps patients maintain their appearance and dental health.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth, or even provide an entire set of secure, permanent dentures. After an oral examination, Dr. Calcagno will decide if enough adequate bone tissue is available to place your implants. If not, a bone graft may be required. Otherwise, the first step involves Dr. Calcagno taking an impression of your teeth. Then, she will place special titanium posts into the sockets of the missing teeth. Once placed, Dr. Calcagno will wait three to six months before proceeding so the bone can bond with the posts. This process is called ossteointegration. The impression is used to create your custom-made dental crowns, or for some patients, an entire set of new dentures. The crowns are placed on top of the posts, returning the patient’s teeth to optimal function and appearance.

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