Rochester Dentist Explains CEREC Crowns

CERECStandard treatment plans for porcelain crowns typically require that you wait for a lab technician to fabricate your dental restoration. This isn’t the case with CAD/CAM CEREC technology. Dentists have trusted CEREC technology to deliver same-day crowns for over 25 million patients. Receiving CEREC crowns so quickly may make you feel skeptical of their strength and worth, but they work like any other kind of tooth restoration you could receive. In this article, Rochester family dentist Dr. Gilly Calcagno explains the CEREC crown procedure, and the benefits of this innovative treatment.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC stands for ceramic reconstruction, and provides same-day crowns for patients who need a damaged or decayed tooth restored. Dr. Calcagno will take an image of your prepared tooth, and the CEREC machine will create a 3D model of your tooth restoration. CEREC allows Dr. Calcagno to craft a ceramic restoration during your appointment, with an onsite milling machine. Together, you and Dr. Calcagno can choose the right shade of porcelain that best matches your teeth. To complete the process and make your tooth look perfectly natural, Dr. Calcagno will polish it and bond it to the natural tooth post the porcelain crown.

Benefits of CEREC

Typically, patients who need a crown could wait up to two weeks for their lab-made restoration. CEREC allows crown fabrication and placement all in a single appointment, utilizing computer-aided design to speed the process.  This means that you won’t have to wear a temporary crown that may come loose or not fit your bite comfortably. Setting a porcelain crown usually takes two appointments, which means twice the anesthetic injections. CEREC crowns allow Dr. Calcagno to restore your tooth in about one hour, with minimal anesthestesia.

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