Rochester Dentist on Reducing Cavities with Vitamin D


Did you know that simple outdoor activities not only help you stay in shape, but protect your teeth from stains and tooth decay? Sunlight is a primary source of vitamin D, and research shows, this vitamin helps prevent cavities. Your Rochester family dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, explains the benefits of vitamin D and how to keep your smile healthy and strong.

Vitamin D and Tooth Decay

In addition to proper dental care, such as regular checkups or brushing and flossing, absorbing the necessary amount vitamin D can help protect teeth from tooth decay. Vitamin D stimulates the production of calcium in the human body. This process strengthens bones, and tooth enamel as well. Strong tooth enamel deters enamel erosion, which weakens teeth and allows cavities to form.

Vitamin D also increases the number of special antimicrobial peptides that fight harmful bacteria, the bacteria that feed on food particles and lead to plaque buildup. By receiving the necessary dose of vitamin D, patients take great strides toward stronger, healthier teeth.

Protect Your Teeth with Fun in the Sun

The sun provides the UV light that allows our bodies to absorb vitamin D. Just being in the sun helps protect your smile. Try jogging or walking outside, or if possible, join an outdoor sports activity after school or work. This also has the added bonus of helping patients get in shape and strengthen their heart.

Other Sources of Vitamin D

Since we’re still in January, time in the sun might prove difficult. While you wait for the snow to melt, there are plenty of other ways to receive vitamin D. Certain foods and drinks contain vitamin D. Try incorporating more fish into your diet, as well as foods containing egg yolk. Fortified dairy foods and cod liver oil are excellent sources of vitamin D, too. A variety of over-the-counter vitamin D supplements are available at your local pharmacy, as well.

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