Rochester Dentist Asks: How Old is Your Mouth?

Covering MouthNo one wants to look older than their age. In fact, most of us want to look younger. If you take care of your skin, you understand the importance of keeping an age-appropriate appearance. When you smile, you shouldn’t have to worry about how old you look. Unfortunately, not everyone visits the dentist regularly, so your mouth may make you appear older. In this article, Rochester family dentist Dr. Gilly Calcagno explains how maintaining your oral health helps you look younger.

Signs of Age in Your Mouth

Your mouth faces a couple of inevitabilities later in life: gum recession and discolored teeth. As we age, our gums begin to pull away from our teeth, revealing tooth roots. Particularly unhealthy gums can recede to the point of causing pain. Your teeth may also grow yellow as you age. Normal wear on teeth from a lifetime of biting, chewing, and possibly grinding on each other, cause enamel to thin, showing more of the yellowish layer of dentin beneath. If you don’t keep regular appointments with your dentist and you allow damage or decay to worsen, you may need a root canal or extraction. One or more missing teeth may require a dental implant, bridge, or dentures. If you experience receding gums, discolored teeth, or need replacement teeth early in life, your mouth may indicate an inaccurate age.

Dentistry and Youth

Before you resolve yourself to the problems caused by early gum recession or tooth discoloration, consider preventive measures you can take today. Teeth grinding can cause gums to recede earlier in life, as can trauma to gums. Wear a bite guard at night to alleviate excessive pressure on your teeth, and brush gums gently. Sometimes, tooth stains develop gradually over time, so you may not notice not-so-white teeth. Once tooth stains develop, they can lower your self-esteem in addition to making you look older. Dr. Calcagno offers in-office whitening treatments to brighten teeth. She also places porcelain veneers to make teeth appear youthful, bright, and beautiful.

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