Turn Back Time with Teeth Whitening in Rochester

Bright SmileAging: it’s inevitable. While you might have come to terms with the fact that you age, you may still feel uncomfortable looking like you’re getting older. Still, all the facelifts and Botox treatments in the world couldn’t stop you from aging. Most people tend to their skin when fighting signs of aging, but have you thought of what role your teeth play in showing how old you look? Rochester family dentist Dr. Gilly Calcagno explains how your dentist can help you look younger.

How Your Mouth Shows Age

Your mouth can add years to your appearance if you experience oral health problems. Gum recession begins later in life, but can start early if you suffer from gum disease or grind your teeth. Teeth wear naturally over time, and when poor oral care leads to excessive premature tooth damage, you can look older than your actual age. As teeth endure a long life of chewing, friction, and exposure to acidic foods and drinks, tooth enamel begins to wear away, revealing the yellow-tinted layer of dentin. You may slowly discolor teeth by consuming tooth-staining liquids like coffee or tea on a regular basis, creating the impression that your discolored teeth stem from old age.

Restoring Tooth Whiteness and Age

Cosmetic dentistry offers a way to make you look younger through teeth whitening. Dr. Calcagno features professional teeth whitening procedures, like Zoom! Whitening and Kör Whitening. Whitening teeth with Zoom! takes about two hours. We provide whitening trays to take home if you need to touch up your teeth. Kör Whitening starts with one in-office treatment, followed by whitening trays worn at night. A final deep bleaching treatment might brighten your smile up to 16 shades. Maintaining your newly white smile at home with Kör can whiten teeth permanently.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Rochester Dentist

If you feel teeth whitening can make you appear younger, contact our 55902 dentist office. Dr. Calcagno uses Snap imaging software to show you what your smile will look like after a whitening treatment. Call (507) 281-3659 to schedule an appointment today. We serve patients from Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, and surrounding areas.