How to Handle Dental Emergencies in Rochester

As we all know, accidents happen. But when accidents happen to expensive dental work or permanent teeth, we might panic. Knowing what to do in these situations cannot only alleviate stress, but save your wallet and smile. Above all, see your dentist as soon as possible in a dental emergency. Until your appointment, your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, has tips for immediate treatment of some dental emergencies.

A Chance to Save Your Tooth

When people think of a teeth-related emergency, losing a permanent tooth certainly comes to mind. If you have knocked a tooth out, here’s what to do. Find the tooth and clean its root. Hold the tooth by the crown (the part you can see in your mouth), and run the root under water until it’s free of debris or dirt. Do not attempt to remove tissue from the tooth. Determine how the tooth sat in your mouth and place the tooth back in its socket. Don’t force the tooth into place. If you can’t set the tooth back in place, keep it in a small amount of milk. Water with some salt can also preserve the tooth. Seeing your dentist as soon as you can, preferably within an hour, can save your tooth.

Broken Cosmetic and Dental Appliances

Sometimes, even permanent dental fixtures, fillings, or cosmetic work can loosen or take damage. If such damage exposes weak or altered teeth, you may risk experiencing pain and infection. In case of a lost crown, clove oil can ease pain. If you can locate the crown, bring it with you to the dentist. Until then, you can replace the crown with dental cement available at grocery stores, or even toothpaste.

Lost fillings can leave a tooth open to sharp pain. You can temporarily fill the hole with sugarless gum while you wait to see your dentist. Broken or loose braces can often be manipulated or coated with orthodontic wax to cover sharp wires or bond loose brackets to teeth.

See Your Rochester Dentist Soon

After a dental emergency, seeing your dentist is crucial. The sooner you can schedule your appointment, the better. If you have an emergency dental need in Rochester, MN, call our 55902 dentist office at (507) 281-3659. Dr. Calcagno sees emergency patients during office hours. We serve Rochester and surrounding areas.