Avoiding Stained Teeth with Your Rochester Dentist

We all would like a brilliant, white smile. When we work to keep clean teeth, or after receiving teeth whitening treatment, we’re concerned about staining our smile. Knowing what foods to avoid is important in keeping teeth white. Some personal habits can make us our teeth’s worst enemy too. Rochester, MN cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno presents foods and drinks to avoid if you want whiter teeth, and how to brighten your smile.

Teeth Staining Foods and Drinks

Whatever food or drink you worry will stain your linens or carpet has the capacity to stain your teeth. Wine contains tannins, natural dyes found in many fruits and vegetables. With its high acidity, wine wears down tooth enamel and leaves teeth vulnerable to tannin staining. Tea works similarly, though black tea has more potential to stain than other teas. Dark or vibrant-colored fruits, like pomegranates, can also stain teeth. Deep-hued sauces, like curry or soy sauce, can stain as well. The more these foods and beverages swirl or sit in the mouth, the more likely staining is to occur. Doctors recommend rinsing with water or another neutral liquid after eating or drinking these teeth staining products. Brushing after you eat may be a good idea for some foods and drinks, but beware of brushing after consuming something highly acidic. You may cause abrasion to teeth previously bathed in acid from wine or something similar.

Teeth Whitening in Richmond

For most, learning about how to avoid tooth stains comes after it’s too late for a perfectly white smile. Still, there are ways to return to a natural looking, bright smile. Cosmetic dental whitening procedures provide an opportunity to show off your teeth with confidence again. Dr. Calcagno offers a variety of professional tooth whitening treatments. The Zoom! Whitening treatment features light activated gel and only takes about two hours. Patients leave with whitening trays to use at home when they choose. We also offer Kor Whitening. After one in-office treatment, you handle nearly the rest at home. After a prescribed period of time, Dr. Calcagno provides a deep bleaching treatment. Kor Whitening has shown results up to 16 shades whiter.

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