Rochester Dentist: Top Causes of Toothaches

This holiday season, nothing can spoil the party quite like an unforeseen toothache. The causes of toothaches and tooth pain can vary. Many patients experience throbbing pain in upper teeth during the winter months, while others might suffer from excessive tooth decay. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Janet Calcagno, discusses the top causes of toothaches.


Many people experience toothaches caused by cavities. If you suffer from a cavity, your teeth may experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. In most cases, we can repair a cavity by placing a filling on the affected tooth. If the cavity extends further into the tooth, then a crown or root canal could be necessary.

Sinus infections claim responsibility for numerous toothaches during holiday months. When people battle a cold or flu, then they can experience a sinus infection. When the sinus cavity fills with mucus or fluid, then a bacterial infection can occur causing swelling. The swollen sinus cavity applies pressure to the top teeth, often resulting in throbbing upper tooth pain for patients. If you recently suffered from a cold or flu, then a sinus infection might be to blame for your toothache.

Tooth fractures often occur during the holidays. Families come together and share in rousing games of basketball or football. Although these games should remain friendly, random injuries can certainly occur. Wearing a mouthguard during athletic activity can reduce your risk for fracturing a tooth. Another cause of tooth fractures: chewing on ice.

Gum disease serves as the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America. Many people overlook gum disease as a cause of toothaches. However, the gums provide support to tooth structures and when the gums become inflamed or irritated, tooth pain can occur.

Some people experience toothaches due to flying. The rapid altitude changes associated with flying can leave patients with crippling tooth pain. Often, a decayed tooth allows air into the tooth which cannot escape. When the altitude changes, the air trapped inside teeth cannot keep up with the rapid altitude changes.

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