Rochester Dentist Urges Good Oral Hygiene to Prepare for Mistletoe

Many view the end of Thanksgiving as the symbolic green light to begin decking the halls. Boxes of decorations make their way out of closets and garages so that holiday festivities can be enjoyed for a good month or so. Of course, this starts well before Thanksgiving weekend for some. Whether you are just getting ready to decorate, or you keep your Christmas lights on the house year round, are you ready for the quintessential symbol of holiday affection? Dr. Janet Calcagno, your Rochester dentist, wants to know if you’re prepared to be kissed under the mistletoe.

Tips to Ensure a Kissable Mouth

  1. Brush Your Teeth: Sure, this is obvious, but daily habits can get ignored, especially during the holidays when many people succumb to more stress than cheer. While you’re worrying about what to cook, throwing a party, getting the shopping done, and the financial burden of gift giving, don’t give up on your good oral hygiene if you want to keep your breath wintry fresh.
  2. Floss Every Day: Many people think of brushing their teeth as a high priority, and flossing as more of an option. Don’t ignore the recommendations of your dentist and dental hygienist. Floss every day. Bacteria and plaque can get caught in those spaces between your teeth so that brushing alone won’t ensure fresh breath.
  3. Keep that Appointment with your Dentist: It’s easy to start canceling appointments through the holiday season as you add invitations to parties and shopping sprees to your calendar. If you have to put off a dental appointment for a month or so, that’s one thing, but make sure you reschedule as soon as possible. Putting it off over the holidays without a firm plan of when you will make up the appointment can set your preventive dental care schedule off and the next thing you know, a year will have passed and you could be at a much higher risk for dental issues.

Give Yourself the Gift of Healthy Teeth

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