Rochester Dentist Urges Mothers to Model Good Oral Hygiene for Kids

The responsibilities of a parent are endless and can be very overwhelming. Our kids rely on us for so much. Financial support falls on our shoulders. Emotional guidance is imperative. At a moment’s notice, we have to be on the ready to support our child’s needs as they come. Meanwhile, there are daily tasks that we have to keep up on, and behaviors that we need to model. Oral hygiene is a perfect example of this. If a child sees their parents taking good care of their teeth, they’re more likely to follow suit. On the other hand, parents that don’t brush and floss regularly, or go to the dentist twice a year, are less likely to impart those things on their kids. This might seem like common sense, but Dr. Janet Calcagno will explain a British study that has taken the idea a step further.

Mother Knows Best

Research showing how a mother’s knowledge is imperative regarding their child’s oral health in the early years may seem like common sense. However, the UK study dug in to the manner in which mothers handled stresses in their environment as a link to their ability to focus on the dental health of their children. Mothers that exhibited higher maternal factors when their children were under three resulted assured more visits to the dentist throughout childhood. Moms with a more obvious maternal instinct were naturally more attentive to preventing tooth decay and gum disease through preventive oral care.

All Parents Should Stress Oral Hygiene

Involving children in their oral hygiene and making it a bonding experience instead of a boring chore can help instill good habits for life. Taking your child with you to pick out their toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash will likely make them feel very connected to the whole process of maintaining their dental health. Children that are taught the reasons for good oral hygiene, and are introduced to good experiences with their regular dental appointments, are likely to take care of their teeth throughout their lifetime, without a second though.

Dental Checkups for the Family in Rochester

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