Rochester Dentist Gets to the Kor of Teeth Whitening

Many people have stood in front of the aisle at their corner drugstore, playing the guessing game as to which over-the-counter product might give them several shades of renewed whiteness on their teeth. Perhaps there’s a wedding coming up (maybe even yours) or a reunion, or a vacation, or you just want to appear a bit younger and brighter when you smile. Whatever the motives, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of products to choose from. Unfortunately, a great many might be the equivalent of throwing your hard-earned money down the drain. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Janet Calcagno, will explain why we recommend Kor Deep Bleaching, available from our office, if you want to see true teeth whitening results.

How Does Kor Work?

This revolutionary method of teeth whitening bleaches deeply with the use of at-home custom whitening trays. You’ll have one initial treatment at the dentist’s office, and then follow up with wearing customized whitening trays at night. After doing this for the number of nights specified by your dentist, you will undergo one final deep bleaching treatment in the office. This will be infused with a formula to desensitize your teeth. The results of Kor can be as drastic as 16 shades whiter.

At Home Whitening: A Convenience for Many

With Kor Whitening, you will get the best of both worlds – deep bleaching in the office and at home. Many people appreciate the chance to go through the first deep bleaching treatment with their dentist, so all of their questions can be answered in person. After that, whitening at home, while you sleep, provides freedom and control for you. Often times we see that Kor provides longer lasting results than any other type of teeth whitening.

Kor Deep Bleaching in Rochester

At Calcagno Family Dental, we offer Kor teeth whitening and are happy to provide you with a free consultation.  If you’d like to arrange an appointment, contact our Rochester dentist office at (507)281-3659. We are happy to serve patients in Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, the 55902 zip code, and surrounding communities.