Rochester Dentist Explains Eruption Cysts in Teething Babies

When you’re adjusting to parenthood, any change in your baby’s health can cause a wave of anxiety. Have you ever noticed a bluish-purple bump on your teething child’s gums? This can be extremely disconcerting if you don’t know what you’re looking at. However, eruption hematomas, or eruptions cysts, are actually fairly common with teething. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, will explain what eruption cysts are, what causes them, and why parents shouldn’t worry.

What is an Eruption Cyst?

Your baby’s teeth form inside of a protective enclosure in their jawbone. When the teeth have fully developed, they start to emerge through the bone. Eventually, they pierce the gums and make their first appearance in the mouth. This is generally a fairly exciting milestone for most parents. However, when an eruption cyst appears, the joyous occasion can turn into a moment of panic. In cases of eruption hematomas, the protective enclosure from early development leaks fluid which accumulates between the tooth and gums, right before the tooth erupts. This basically causes a bruise on the gums that is either translucent, bluish-purple, dark red, or brown.

How Are Eruption Cysts Treated?

Noticing a swollen bruise on your child’s gums can certainly be shocking, but most eruption cysts don’t require treatment. The tooth will be able to break through the hematoma and emerge unscathed. The site of the bruise will heal on its own. However, you should contact your dentist to describe the eruption cyst in case an exam might be warranted. After a few weeks, if the eruption cyst is persisting and the tooth hasn’t come through the gums, your dentist might opt to make a small incision to release the tooth. This procedure is usually done under local anesthesia

Pediatric Dentistry in Rochester

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