Are Bonded Fillings Right for You?

bonded fillingsAt Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that whether your dental procedure is restorative, preventive, cosmetic, or any combination of the three, it should look good. This is why when you require a filling, Dr. Calcagno uses bonded fillings that match the shape and color of your natural teeth, rather than the dark metal amalgam fillings used by many dentists today.

The Truth About Amalgam Fillings

Other than filling your teeth with a dark and obtrusive substance that many patients feel can be seen from a mile away when they open their mouth, laugh, or smile, amalgam has certain other risks that can be associated with it. Some patients have experienced allergic reactions in response to the prolonged exposure of mercury in amalgam fillings, and, while the ADA has declared that amalgam fillings do not contain toxic substances, it is true that some fillings with high concentrations of expanding substances can expand enough to cause damage to teeth.

Receiving Bonded Filings in Rochester

A bonded filling procedure will begin with the cleaning of the cavity space in your teeth to remove tooth decay and purify the space for bonding. A soft putty-like material, identical to that used in dental bonding, will then be placed in the cavity and hardened under a curing light. After hardening, the bonded material, which will be matched to the color of your natural teeth, will be shaped to match the contours of your tooth by Dr. Gilly Calcagno.

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