Study Shows Patients Trust Dentists Over Doctors

trusting handshakeA recent study conducted in Great Britain by the agency Bray Leino found that when it comes to patient trust, dentists are winning the game.  In dentistry, the relationship between dentist and patient is one that must be carefully maintained in order to achieve optimal results. At Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we respect the trust that our patients put in us, and work hard to earn and maintain in.

Your Dentist’s Advice

Polls in the study showed that not only did 88 percent of those polled have a high degree of trust in their dentist, but that twice as many people consider their relationship with their dentist to be more trustful than their relationship with their doctor. Polls went on to explore other aspects of trust by determining how many people followed general advice from their dentist (76 percent), and how often patients followed their dentist’s advice regarding when to return for checkups and dental cleanings (76 percent).

Trust or Fear of the Dentist?

In addition to large percentages of people who trust their dentist, the study also found that about two thirds of those polled hadn’t visited a dentist in at least three years. More than a quarter of those polled claimed that fear of the dentist is what keeps them away. Not surprisingly, a February 2012 study from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid found that the more dental visits a given subject had experienced, the less likely they were to fear the dentist or dental treatments. So what’s the key to overcoming fear of the dentist? A little trust and many more visits for preventive care.

Exercise Your Trust

The more you see your dentist, the greater number of opportunities there are to develop a caring and trusting relationship. Dr. Calcagno places a strong value on her relationships with patients and urges you to visit our Rochester dental office with any of your dental concerns. To schedule your appointment with Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, call your Rochester dentist today at (507)281-3659. We happily serve both new and returning patients from Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, and Farmington.