Rochester Dentist Explains Single-Day Crowns

Dental CrownSometimes a dental filling simply is not enough to restore a tooth. In some cases, your Rochester dentist may have to place a dental crown. Many dentists require two visits to place a crown. Dr. Calcagno is one of the few dentists in Rochester who can place dental crowns in just one visit.

Purpose of a Dental Crown

A dental crown fits over the entire visible portion of a tooth, strengthening the tooth and restoring its original appearance. At Calcagno Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we use dental crowns in a variety of cases. Sometimes, decay weakens a tooth to the point that we must place a dental crown to protect it from breaking. We often use a crown to hold a cracked tooth together. In other cases, we use a crown to strengthen a tooth compromised by a large filling, as a prosthetic for dental implants, and to support a bridge.

Single-Day Placement

Dental crown placement usually requires at least two visits. During the first visit, a dentist will examine your tooth and prepare it for your new crown. This involves removing some of the tooth to make room for the crown. The dentist will make an impression of your tooth. He or she will send it away to a lab where technicians will create a crown specifically designed for your tooth. The dentist will then place a temporary crown, which is often uncomfortable and poorly fitting. On the second visit, he or she will remove your temporary and fit the new crown.

Dr. Calcagno, on the other hand, offers single-day placement of dental crowns by eliminating the need to have a separate lab manufacture your new crown. Using CEREC technology, she can create a beautiful ceramic crown in her Rochester dentist office within a matter of minutes. She will prepare your tooth as normal. Instead of making a dental impression of your tooth to send away, Dr. Calcagno will use 3D images of your tooth to create your new crown. Once we manufacture the crown in our office using CEREC’s CAD-CAM technology, she will then finish the process by bonding the crown to your tooth on the same day. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and multiple visits.

Schedule an Appointment

To learn more about single-day crowns and CEREC technology, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Calcagno by calling our Rochester Dentist office at (507) 281-3659. We serve patients from Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, and the surrounding communities.