Month: September 2012

Fresh Breath Starts on the Tongue

If you’re tired of hiding embarrassment about your bad breath with mints and chewing gum, adding a new appliance to your dental shelf might be the solution. Tongue scrapers have a long and ancient history of success, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider using one too. Dr. Calcagno, your Rochester dentist, is here to explain… Read more »

Tongue Color and Your Health

You’ve heard that what goes on in your mouth can affect the rest of your body, but did you know that what’s going on in your body can affect your mouth, too? Your tongue hosts a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels, and can have up to 8,000 taste buds. So when your Rochester… Read more »

The Ancient Battle Between Fluoride and Oral Bacteria

Though humanity may only recently have realized fluoride’s potential in fighting harmful oral bacteria, these two forces have been at odds with one another for far longer. Researchers from Yale recently published a paper detailing the way in which bacteria have evolved to detect and defend against fluoride. 

Bad Breath Got You Down? Rochester Dentist Explains Why

A case of bad breath can ruin nearly any moment. Unpleasantness from your mouth is usually typical upon first waking up, but normally, it should not last past brushing your teeth in the morning. Unfortunately for many people, that is exactly the case. To help you combat the menace of halitosis (chronic bad breath), your… Read more »

Cosmetic Orthodontics with Teens in Mind

At our dental office in Rochester, Dr. Calcagno understands that teenagers have significant pressure to exude a certain image. We also know that between friends, family, school, and sports, you do not have the energy to worry about embarrassing or cumbersome braces. That’s why or Rochester cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, offers Invisalign clear braces…. Read more »

Your Rochester Dentist Discusses How to Improve Your Oral Health Through Prevention

In a recent report released by the CDC, one in five Americans is suffering from undiagnosed cavities. When research continues to prove the oral-systemic connection, or that your oral health is essential to your overall health, numbers like this are troubling. Today, your Rochester dentist, Dr. Calcagno, will discuss how to properly prevent the development… Read more »

What Healthy Teeth Have for Lunch

Maintaining a healthy mouth starts with practicing good oral hygiene. That means brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and making regular visits to your Rochester dentist for dental cleanings every six months. But that’s not all you can do to make sure that your mouth stays happy and healthy. The food you eat… Read more »

Rochester Dentist Explains the History of Fluoride Use

You’ve heard that fluoride is good for you and your teeth, but how were the benefits of fluoride actually discovered and how has that discovery changed the way we live? The Discovery of Fluoride In 1909, Dr. Frederick McKay, a dentist working in the Colorado area, discovered that while most of his child patients had… Read more »

A Healthy Mouth Equals Healthy Grades?

A new school year is underway and schedules are getting busier, but if your child hasn’t seen the dentist in a while, his GPA may be on the line. A recent study from the USC Ostrow School of Dentistry shows there is a strong connection between healthy teeth and academic success. Published in the American… Read more »

Strange, But True, Tooth Tales

Babies Born with Teeth Most people don’t know one in 2-3,000 babies can be born with a tooth or two! These teeth are known as natal teeth. Though rare, in some cases, babies are born with a front tooth dangling from a piece of soft tissue. To reduce the risk of choking, the tissue is… Read more »