Rochester Dentist Discusses Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Man with Sensitive ToothCracked tooth syndrome is a term used to describe the symptoms associated with a cracked tooth. Teeth crack for a number of reasons. They endure a lot of pressure simply from the work they do as you bite and chew every day. Older teeth are less strong, and the daily use of teeth may eventually cause them to crack. Chewing on ice, candy, and other hard objects weakens teeth, making them more prone to cracking. Teeth with large fillings, or that have undergone root canal therapy, are usually weaker than other teeth, and this can cause them to crack, as well.

Detection Starts with You

Understanding the symptoms of a cracked tooth is important because you cannot always see the fracture or crack. Even dentists can miss cracked teeth. Without knowing whether a patient is experiencing symptoms of a cracked tooth, dentists may not notice anything is wrong. That means the detection and treatment of cracked teeth starts with you.

Common Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

Here is a list of common symptoms associated with cracked teeth.

  • If you have a cracked tooth, your teeth may hurt when you bite and chew. The pain may be sudden and last for a short period, or the pain may be mild and last for much longer. Your teeth will not ache, as in the case of a cavity.
  • Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold. They may also be sensitive to sweet and sour foods.
  • Behavioral patterns are important in the detection of a cracked tooth. You may start chewing on only one side of your mouth to avoid discomfort. This may signal something is wrong.
  • Sometimes, an infection may occur when a crack becomes big enough. A pimple-like bump called a fistula may appear at the gumline around the cracked tooth.

Treatment Options

Treating a cracked tooth depends on the location and size of the crack. Sometimes a crown may be the only thing required to fix a cracked tooth. Other times, a root canal is necessary. Only about 20% of cracked tooth cases end with root canal therapy. In more extreme cases, extraction may be the only option.

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