Dental Stem Cell Technology Explained by Your Rochester Dentist

More than likely you have heard about stem cell use in science and medical technology. Although some debate exists on the ethics and moral nature of embryonic stem cell use, scientists have discovered that resilient stem cells are located throughout the body—including inside your teeth! It’s true; your teeth contain very powerful stem cells that may be extremely useful in the future of medical innovations. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our team at Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry discuss these intriguing medical breakthroughs.

Dental Stem Cells Facts

While scientists have known about the medical advancements and application of stem cells for decades, they were unaware that these types of cells existed in the teeth. Before stem cells were discovered in teeth, scientists only knew of stem cells located deep inside the body’s tissues. Essentially, stem cells are capable of repairing and regenerating healthy tissues in the body. Dental stem cells are located inside the tooth in the pulp chamber. The pulp, which houses various types of cellular material, also holds stem cells that recent studies show can be used anywhere in the body. Studies have shown that dental stem cells are more potent than other types of stem cells and live longer than other cells. Currently, extensive research on dental stem cells is being conducted in Japan and Israel. For example, Israeli scientists found that damaged myocardial tissue in rats could be repaired by injecting dental stem cells.

Dental Stem Cell Extraction Information

Dental stem cells are located in all teeth. If the pulp chamber inside a tooth is healthy, a dental stem can theoretically be used to repair other tissues in the human body. In fact, deciduous (baby) teeth can be sent to laboratories for stem cell extraction and stored cryogenically. As scientific advancements are made and as researchers learn more about dental stem cells, stored cells may be used in the future to cure a variety of ailments and improve general health.

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