Rochester Dentist Discusses Diabetes and Oral Health

Patients diagnosed with diabetes are cautioned to take special care of their health. Doctors encourage diabetic patients to be vigilant about their dietary habits and lifestyle choices. In addition to the many health complications that can accompany diabetes, many patients are surprised to learn how diabetes can affect their oral health, too. Your cosmetic and family Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our team explain how diabetes affects oral health and offer tips for preventing oral health complications.

Oral Health and Diabetes

Because diabetes weakens the immune system, diabetic patients have difficulty fighting off infection. For this reason, diabetic patients are very susceptible to developing advanced gum disease. Severe gum disease is a widespread infection in gum tissue and can destroy facial bones and teeth. Some diabetic patients may need to visit our Rochester dentist office more frequently for professional cleanings as a preventive measure.

Spikes in blood glucose levels also affect oral health. When blood sugar rises, a patient’s oral PH level is disrupted. Acid in the mouth can damage tooth enamel and lead to decay. Additionally, diabetics do not produce enough saliva to dilute acid and rinse away debris and food particles which also raises a patient’s risk for developing cavities and gum disease.

Diabetic Oral Health Tips

If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, we welcome you to discuss your condition with our team at Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. To help maintain a healthy mouth, diabetic patients should strive to keep their blood sugar levels under control with a healthy diet. We encourage diabetics to practice meticulous oral hygiene and visit our office regularly for dental checkups and cleanings.

Dr. Calcagno is committed to improving both her patients’ oral health and general wellbeing. To schedule an appointment at our Rochester dentist office, contact us at (507) 281-3659. We serve patients from St. Charles, Red Wing, Winona, Farmington, Hastings, and the neighboring Rochester communities.