Rochester Smile Makeover Quiz

Have You Considered Cosmetic Dentistry in Rochester?

Have you ever wished you had a more attractive smile? Perhaps you envy a friend or co-worker who has a straight, white smile. More than likely, the perfect smiles you see are the work of a trained cosmetic dentist. In fact, hardly anyone is born with a perfect smile. You have probably heard about cosmetic dentistry from your friends or in the news. Our Rochester cosmetic dentistDr. Calcagno is experienced with improving the smiles of her patients through cosmetic dentistry. If you are wondering how our cosmetic dentist can help you, feel free take the short questionnaire below to help get you started.

  1. Are you embarrassed of your smile?
  2. Are you missing any teeth?
  3. Do some of your teeth appear smaller than they should?
  4. Are your teeth crowded?
  5. Do your teeth overlap one another?
  6. Do you find that you cover your hand with your mouth when you laugh or smile?
  7. Are you tired of seeing old, metal dental work in your mouth?
  8. Do you have permanent stains on your teeth from coffee, tobacco, tea, or wine?
  9. Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  10. Are any of your teeth chipped?
  11. Do you shy away from the camera when your friends or family take pictures?

Rochester Cosmetic Dentist Transforms Smiles

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is an important social asset and our team wants you to feel confident about showing you it off. We offer many cosmetic services that can improve the look of any smile. Dr. Calcagno provides teeth whitening services, porcelain veneers, and white restorations such as crowns and fillings. If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, contact our Rochester dentist office at (507) 281-3659 to schedule a free consultation. We serve patients from Rochester, Minnesota and the neighboring communities.