Rochester Dentist Discusses Osteoporosis and Your Oral Health

Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month? Osteoporosis is the most common bone disorder in the country. Middle aged men and women are most susceptible to osteoporosis because of a decrease in sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Osteoporosis literally means the thinning of bone structure. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our team at Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry raise awareness for osteoporosis and discuss how this bone disorder can impact your oral health, too.

Osteoporosis Information

In most cases, women are more affected by osteoporosis than men. A number of lifestyle choices and genetic factors also play into the development of osteoporosis. The thinning of bone often results in fractures. In fact, many patients are unaware that they have bone loss until they receive medical attention after breaking a bone. The most common areas affected by osteoporosis include the knees, spine, arms, and hips. However, bone loss can occur anywhere in the body.

Osteoporosis Prevention in Rochester

Dr. Calcagno urges patients to eat a nutritious diet packed with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and D. We encourage patients to adopt a regular exercise routine. Patients should also avoid drinking alcohol excessively and using tobacco.

Your Oral Health & Osteoporosis

Although osteoporosis commonly affects bone near frequently used joints, bone loss can also occur in facial bones. Your teeth are anchored to your jaw for support. For example, patients with gum disease often lose bone and this causes tooth loss. A similar situation can occur when patients lose jawbone mass to osteoporosis. During routine oral examinations, Dr. Calcagno and our team will assess the health of your entire mouth including your facial bones. If we detect signs of bone loss, we will recommend that you be screened for osteoporosis or gum disease.

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