Digital X-Rays in Rochester

Have you ever wondered why your dentist takes dental X-rays at dental checkups? Dental X-rays are an important component of oral examinations. They allow Dr. Gilly Calcagno to take a comprehensive look at the entire oral cavity. X-rays can reveal infections, tooth decay, tumors, cysts, and abnormalities in bone. Did you know that Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers digital X-rays? Our team explains the benefits of this innovative technology.

Digital X-Ray Facts

Unlike older X-ray technology, radiographic film is not necessary for imaging. Using a digital sensor, digital X-rays take less time to develop and can be viewed on a computer monitor. Because the images are digitally captured, patients do not have to wait for radiographic film to develop. In addition, digital radiography is more environmentally friendly than traditional X-ray methods.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

Although radiation exposure with older dental X-rays was minimal, using digital radiography exposes patients to even less radiation. Because digital X-ray sensors capture images faster than traditional X-rays, radiation exposure is reduced up to 90%. Digital sensors can capture broad and concentrated images throughout the mouth. When the images are captured, they are immediately viewable on computer monitors. Dr. Calcagno can even zoom in on certain areas. Because the image is clear and detailed, Dr. Calcagno can easily communicate oral health concerns to our patients. Your digital dental X-rays are stored on a computer and can be easily transferred to dental specialists and your insurance company.

If you have questions about radiation emissions from dental X-rays, feel free to address your concerns with our team. We always place patient comfort and safety first.

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