Rochester Oral Hygiene Quiz

Do you properly clean your teeth? Does your oral hygiene regimen need a tune-up? With proper oral hygiene and professional dental care, your teeth can last for a lifetime. Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is dedicated to improving our patients’ oral health through excellent oral healthcare and patient education. We believe that through patient education, we can empower members of our community to make wise oral health choices. Is your oral hygiene regimen subpar? Take our oral hygiene quiz to find out!

Oral Hygiene Assessment Quiz

How many times a day should you brush your teeth?

  • Twice a day
  • Once a day
  • Seven times a day
  • None of the above

How many minutes should you brush your teeth?

  • Less than a minute
  • Three minutes
  • Ten minutes

How often should you floss?

  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Every day

What type of toothpaste is best for daily use?

  • Simple ADA approved toothpastes
  • Whitening toothpastes
  • Tartar control toothpastes
  • All of the above


  1. You should brush your teeth at least two times a day.
  2. Dr. Calcagno recommends brushing your teeth in soft, circular motions for at about three minutes.
  3. We recommend that you floss your teeth daily to thoroughly clean between your teeth and disrupt plaque buildup along the gum line.
  4. Because whitening and tartar control toothpastes contain abrasive agents that may damage tooth enamel, we recommend simple ADA approved toothpastes for daily use.

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