Toothpaste Cleans More than Your Teeth: Your Rochester Dentist Explains

Have you ever used dyer sheets to tame static electricity in your hair? You may not know that dryer sheets and many other common household items have many alternative uses. For example, toothpaste can almost clean anything in your home and can even heal pimples and insect bites.

Toothpaste Provides Powerful Stain Removal

Did you spill red wine on your carpet or mustard on your shirt? Toothpaste mixed with water and some elbow grease can lift these stains away in no time. Mixing toothpaste with water can also remove scuff marks from tennis shoes and interior walls.

Gunk Removal

Is your clothing iron or hair straightener covered in a sticky residue from starch or hair products? Wipe toothpaste along gunk covered areas and scrub with a damp washcloth. Toothpaste contains just enough abrasive ingredients to remove gunk without scratching up metal.

Skin and Fingernails

Were you bitten by a pesky mosquito? Did an unsightly pimple come out of nowhere? Dab toothpaste over an insect bite or pimple and leave on overnight to help reduce inflammation. If your fingernails or toenails appear dull, use toothpaste, water, and a soft-bristled brush to clean away discoloration and dirt. Toothpaste will also remove garlic and onion smells from hands. Just place a little toothpaste in the palm of your hand and wash with warm water.

Who knew toothpaste could be so versatile? Although toothpaste has many household uses, we believe its most important function is to keep your teeth clean. Remember to choose toothpaste with fluoride and brush your teeth twice a day.

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