Children’s Dental Care in Rochester

Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides a welcoming, family-friendly environment for patients of all ages. Children need routine checkups and dental cleanings just like adults. Professional dental care and proper oral hygiene during childhood help prevent tooth decay and establish healthy oral care habits.  Dr. Gilly Calcagno shares important information about pediatric dentistry below.

When should a child first visit the dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist before their first birthday for an oral examination. During your child’s first examination, our staff will look for any developmental abnormalities.

How should an infant’s mouth be cleaned?

Before your child’s teeth erupt the gum line, you should clean his or her mouth with a clean, wet washcloth to help remove debris and stimulate the gum tissue. When your child’s first tooth appears, begin brushing his or her teeth with a small, soft bristled toothbrush twice a day.

What age should children receive their first dental cleaning?

The best time for a professional cleaning is between the ages of four and five. Our team will gently remove tartar and polish your child’s teeth to an immaculate finish. At routine cleanings, we will teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques. To help illustrate the importance of oral hygiene, we also paint a temporary solution on your child’s teeth that displays areas your child may have missed during brushing.

What type of toothpaste should children use?

You should select toothpaste that contains fluoride and has the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. Children should only use a pea sized amount to avoid accidentally swallowing too much toothpaste.

Bringing your child to our Rochester dentist office for regular visits helps establish familiarity with Dr. Calcagno and reinforce the importance of oral health. To schedule an appointment with Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, contact us at (507) 281-3659. We serve patients from Hastings, Farmington, Red Wing, and Rochester.