Rochester Dentist Discusses Root Canal Awareness Week

Did you know that the American Association of Endodontists and dentists throughout the United States designate the last week of March as Root Canal Awareness Week? Root canal therapy involves addressing decay and injury within the endodontic (interior) structures of teeth. Root canal treatment allows for you to keep your natural teeth by repairing internal damage. Dr. Gilly Calcagno answers common questions about root canals below.

What is a root canal?

The root canal is a secure chamber within the tooth that houses the pulp, nerves, and cellular material. A healthy root canal is naturally sealed from bacteria. When the root canal is breached by severe decay or tooth fracture, bacteria enter and infect the pulp chamber and nerve.

Why do people need root canal treatment?

When the endodontic structures of teeth are compromised by bacteria, it causes discomfort. Aggressive bacteria must be removed from the pulp chamber to prevent the need for tooth extraction. We will use tiny tools to gently clean away the infection. The root canal will then be filled with a sealant to protect your tooth from further damage. Root canal therapy allows patients to keep their natural teeth. In some cases, patients may need restorations such as crowns to restore tooth function.

Is root canal therapy painful?

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation among many patients. Some patients avoid root canal treatment because of this reputation. However, many of our patients report back to our team that they were comfortable during the procedure and that they were happy the treatment allowed them to keep their natural teeth. Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry always keeps patient comfort in mind.

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