Rochester Dentist Discusses Whoopi Goldberg’s Battle with Gum Disease

Did you know that actress and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg suffers from advanced gum disease? Since publicly discussing her condition with her audience and co-hosts on The View, Whoopi Goldberg has become an advocate for oral systemic health. Ms. Goldberg was lauded by dentists and medical professionals throughout the country for raising periodontal disease awareness.

Whoopi Goldberg publicly stated on her talk show that she will lose her teeth to gum disease because the infection is aggressively attacking her jawbones. After undergoing emergency gum surgery, she returned to her show and passionately urged her viewers to take charge of their oral health. Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged that avoiding dental cleanings and checkups contributed to her condition. She discussed the importance of oral hygiene for preventing gum disease. Ms. Goldberg explained the connection between overall wellness and oral health to her audience as well. As one of the first celebrities to endorse oral systemic health, Ms. Goldberg stated that gum disease is linked to cardiovascular illness, stroke, and other chronic health problems.

Protect Yourself from Gum Disease

Whoopi Goldberg has first-hand experience with the seriousness of gum disease. As a chronic infection of the gum tissue, periodontal disease wrecks your oral health by destroying teeth and bone. Gum disease may also present cardiovascular complications when the infection enters the body’s bloodstream. Dr. Gilly Calcagno encourages her patients to learn more about this destructive oral health condition and visit our Rochester dentist office regularly for oral examinations and professional cleanings.

When gum disease is detected early on, the condition is reversible. At routine cleanings and examinations, our team at Calcagno Cosmetic & Family Dentistry will screen your gum tissue for signs of periodontal infection with innovative technology.

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