Have you ever had a temporary crown? Did it come off while you were waiting for a laboratory to make your crowns? Did you have to have material put in your mouth for an impression?
There is a procedure available that uses a camera to take a picture of your tooth and the crown is designed with the aid of computer designed software. The material used for the crown is entirely porcelain. The most commonly used type of porcelain has been tested to have the same strength as gold! And this is accomplished in one visit !

The picture attached shows a finished, cemented crown.  The patient has a filling that did not touch the adjacent tooth correctly and then had a cavity develop.  The tooth was prepared, a photo taken, and while the crown was being designed and milled, the patient read his book.  In less than two hours he left the office with a crown that was properly shaped and restored to the tooth.  This crown will protect from any additional tooth fracturing. This type of crown the dentist to leave more tooth structure and to bond the crown to the tooth for greater strength.

The name of the process is called “CEREC” which can be used for both front and back teeth.