It is estimated that over 40 million adults in the US experience tooth sensitivity.  This is one of the most common complaints that patients report in my practice.

The factors that can contribute to sensitivity are the use of whitening and tartar control toothpaste, the use of a hard bristle tooth brush, consuming acid-containing and beverages such as citrus fruits and soft drinks, and acid reflux.

Why do these factors result in sensitivity?  The tooth is composed of two layers.  One is an outer hard enamel and the other an inner porous layer.  If the enamel is worn or lost, the inner porous layer with tiny tubules containing nerve endings is exposed.   Cold beverages, cold air, and certain foods will cause sensitivity.

The use of a soft bristle brush, sensitive tooth paste, and limiting acid-containing foods and beverages often help to relieve the symptoms.

If the symptoms do persist, you should see your dentist who will diagnose your sensitivity.#fb