As college students returned home for winter break, many came for dental examinations. I have seen a trend for students that have never had any cavities to experience decay. I am always asked the question-“How could this happen? I never had a cavity!” I think that there are two primary reasons. One, routine home care may not be accomplished. Secondly, there often is an increase in the use of some beverage with sugar. The amount of sugar in drinks is rarely known. Here are four examples. Mountain Dew has 11 teaspoons of sugar; that is nearly 3 tablespoons in one 12 ounce drink. Red Bull drink has 6 1/2 teaspoons in one can. Sobe green tea ( sounds healthy!) has almost 8 teaspoons of sugar. Finally, Jolt has 22 teaspoons of sugar !!!! So the combination of drinking beverages to stay awake and not brushing and flossing after these drinks and before bed are a combination for decay in the college population.#fb