One of the safest and easiest ways to change your smile is to whiten them !  I had very dark yellow teeth growing up and it always bothered me, particularly since I became a dentist.  I became very intrigued with  lightening products and processes and continue this interest today.  I lightened my teeth over 17 years ago and have been pleased with the color.  Today we offer three lightening products and techniques to customize for each individual’s color and life-style.  People with very dark or gray teeth will have the best color change with a product called “Kor”.  I am excited to offer this process to my patients.  I learned about the “Kor” product at the last American Academy Cosmetic Dentists annual meeting.  The patients that have used this technique had results that I did not think would be possible.   Patients with teeth that are not gray or too dark can benefit from the use of a light in the office or a product that they use at home at their convenience.  We offer a free consultation for any one interested in acquiring more information about these lightening alternatives.   We hope to see you soon !