Cerec Restorations

Cerec stands for Ceramic Restoration .  Dr.  Calcagno is one of two dentists in Rochester that is able to provide Cerec restorations, a porcelain alternate to conventional crowns that is made in one visit.

This alternative allows the conservative restoration of a tooth that requires more than a filling to restore it to proper shape after tooth structure loss and to protect the tooth from additional fracture.  AND this is accomplished in one visit.  The patient does not have to leave the office with a temporary crown and return weeks later for placement of the final crown.

With CEREC’S CAD-CAM technology,  a 3-D picture is taken of the tooth, the computer generates a proposal for the restoration, Dr Calcagno creates the final restoration, and the Cerec crown is milled with esthetic, strong porcelain in the office.

We provide free consultation for patients who would like to know if their tooth would benefit from a Cerec porcelain restoration.