Month: November 2010


One of the safest and easiest ways to change your smile is to whiten them !  I had very dark yellow teeth growing up and it always bothered me, particularly since I became a dentist.  I became very intrigued with  lightening products and processes and continue this interest today.  I lightened my teeth over 17… Read more »


A young female patient of mine told me that she hated the space between her two front teeth and her crowded lower front teeth.   After discussing options, she elected to proceed with Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces.  She wore clear “aligners” for 12 weeks on her top teeth and for 16 weeks on… Read more »

New veneer techniques

This week I will be giving a gentleman a new smile with veneers that do not require any alteration of his teeth.  These veneers are called “Durathins” which are similar to “Lumineer” veneers. These veneers are as thin as contact lenses.  I will be able to change the color, length, and shape of his teeth…. Read more »

Cerec Restorations

Cerec stands for Ceramic Restoration .  Dr.  Calcagno is one of two dentists in Rochester that is able to provide Cerec restorations, a porcelain alternate to conventional crowns that is made in one visit. This alternative allows the conservative restoration of a tooth that requires more than a filling to restore it to proper shape… Read more »